April 19, 2014

This week on Top 5 Coolness Countdown: a mysterious stealth aircraft, Apple CarPlay arrives early, another triumph for SpaceX, a new modular smartphone from Google and much more.

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5. A Bird, a Plane, a UFO?

A mysterious triangular-shaped aircraft was spotted over Kansas this week, the second time the weird jets have been observed flying over the U.S. Three of the flying wings were seen soaring over Texas five weeks ago. There’s no confirmation of what these odd UFOs are, but experts think they’re some kind of classified stealth aircraft.

via FoxtrotAlpha

4. Nike Just Doesn’t Do It

nike fuelband

Nike has cancelled its hardware line and is shuttering their smartwatch division. Why? So they can focus on fitness software. They are cancelling the popular FuelBand and should shut down the rest of the hardware — including sport watches — this year.

via CNET

3. CarPlay Pioneer

Apple CarPlay, bringing the iPhone interface to new cars, is arriving sooner than expected. Pioneer in-dash receivers will get the new interface this summer. A firmware update will let you connect an iPhone 5, 5s or 5c to a Pioneer receiver and use Siri voice control for music, Apple Maps, phone calls and text messages. CarPlay will be arriving in many new cars later this year.

via 9to5Mac

2. SpaceX Rides Again and Again….

SpaceX, the private space program, has launched a reusable rocket that will carry gear and supplies to the International Space Station before falling into the Atlantic Ocean. The goal is for the rocket to be used as a shuttle between off-world stations and Earth — and paying customers will be able to hitch a ride.

via Gizmag

1. Google Project Ara is Being Pieced Together

Google Project Ara had its first developers conference this week. The modular smartphone will let you choose a display, camera, battery, keyboard, processor and memory, and you snap them all together like Lego. Could be revolutionary — giving you exactly the features you want. Look for Project Ara modular smartphones in about a year.

via Phandroid and The Verge