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5. Android Wear Watches and Virtual Reality Debut at Google I/O

Google’s big conference, Google I/O, just happened and it was a doozy. The company unleashed a few new products including new Android Wear watches as well as Cardboard, a virtual reality helmet that uses your phone and a case made out of — you guessed it — cardboard.

Expect to see more Android smart watches in a few months.

via The Verge

4. Nissan Gran Turismo 6 concept car is now a real-world prototype

Several car manufacturers have designed virtual supercars for video game Gran Turismo 6, and now Nissan’s GT-R 2020 entry is also a full-sized concept car.

The spectacular prototype points the way for Nissan design for the next decade.

via The Escapist

2. Withings Activité Fitness Tracker Watch

Who says a smart watch has to look nerdy? The gorgeous Withings Activité fitness tracker watch offers your choice of a traditional silver or black analog face, and tracks your steps, sleep quality and calories you’ve burned each day.

All this data is recorded via Bluetooth on the Withings Health Mate smartphone app. The watch will be available this fall for $390.

via Withings

1. Facebook Caught Experimenting On Its Users


Social media giant Facebook just used us for scientific experiments. By subtly changing thousands of users social feeds for a few days, researchers discovered that users who saw “negative” comments often posted negative comments themselves and vice versa. While it seems harmless, it’s pretty scary that Facebook thought it would a be a good idea to alter our moods.

via Engadget