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5. Electric Harley Prototype Hits the Streets

Start your silent engines because Harley-Davidson has just announced a new electric Harley. Called Project Live Wire, the bike has great acceleration — 0 to sixty in four seconds — and a unique sound that will ensure you don’t get missed on the highway.

Knowing Harley, it will probably be loud.

Check out this video from Harley-Davidson: Continue reading

4. Incredible Audio Demonstration Shows How Your Brain Works


Here’s a trick from Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute that shows you how your brain processes sound.

Listen to this gibberish:

Now listen to this sentence, immediately followed by that same gibberish:

Whoa! How could we understand it the second time? The demo shows how the brain can use preceding information to help process sound.

Bioscientist Jayatri Das explains in this fascinating 50-second demo from the Franklin Institute: Continue reading

2. Apple iWatch: More Tantalizing Rumors Emerge

iWatch Concept by Fuse Chicken

More details of the upcoming Apple iWatch emerged this week: It will allegedly have 10 sensors on board that will track health and fitness data, and will be available in two styles.

The watch is said to be rolling out this fall, and one Apple supplier says 10 to 15 million will be sold this year.

via The Wall Street Journal

1. Amazon Fire Phone Brings a Stunning New Feature

The new Amazon Fire Phone is wild. The phone has four small cameras on the front that allow it to simulate 3D interactivity on the screen and a special service, called Firefly, lets you take picture of products and even movies and call them up on Amazon.

If you like Amazon shopping, you’re going to love the Fire phone. It arrives in a few weeks for $199 with 2-year contract.

via Amazon