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5. Vibrant Pill for Pooping


A bit backed up? Vibrant has something for you. Vibrant is a vibrating pill that will break up blockage in your intestines, ensuring you’re feeling good and going on the regular.

Sound gross? Well, the pills are disposable and you never have to see them again after they do their work. Don’t expect these at your local drug store – you can get them only from a doctor.

4. Sarvi, the World’s Best Smartphone Charging Dock

Charlie found the best charging dock in the world for iPhones and Samsung smartphones and it’s called the Sarvi Dock. Unlike any other dock, it works with all cases, and it has a special adhesive that sticks it to a flat surface, letting you pick it up with one hand.

It’s a successful Kickstarter project, now shipping to supporters and available for everyone else for $35 later this month.

Here’s Charlie’s review.

via CharlieWhite.net

2. Ultra-High-Speed Rail


Chinese researchers have developed a supersonic train that redefines the term “high-speed rail.” It’s not using rails at all, but magnetic levitation — maglev — with a theoretical top speed of 1,800 MPH. That’s three times the speed of an airliner, and could get you from New York to L.A. in less than 90 minutes. The train travels inside a vacuum tube, and so far is in the early stages of testing.

via Mail Online

1. Microsoft Smartwatch?

It sounds like Microsoft is hitching a ride on the smartwatch train. A patent filed recently shows a Microsoft-branded smartwatch that looks a bit like a bracelet with a big screen.

The above pics are all design concepts. Here are the actual patent drawings: Continue reading