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4. iPhone 6 Compared to its Predecessors

Chatter about the upcoming iPhone 6 is almost nonstop at this point, and one well-connected blogger says he has the real thing in his hands.

He compares the alleged prototype within all its iPhone predecessors, and the most remarkable change is how thin the new iPhone 6 might be.

via Sonny Dickson

2. Honda Mini-Jet

Honda’s been working on its tiny private jet since 2003, and now the little pocket rocket is almost ready for FAA approval. The $4.5 million mini-jet’s engines are mounted in an unusual place — perched on stalks atop its wings. If all goes well, it’ll be available in 2015.

via The Verge

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3, the company’s flagship Windows tablet computer with an optional removable keyboard.

This thin and light laptop replacement is gorgeous. It’s made of magnesium and has a bright 12-inch screen.

Best of all, it’s almost completely silent yet runs games, office apps, and anything else you can throw at it. It’s available now starting at $799.

via Microsoft