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5. Asus PB287Q Monitor Rocks the 4K for $649

Asus will soon be selling 4K monitors — the high resolution monitors needed to view ultra-high-definition video — for $649.

Why? Because screen makers can make them very cheaply but guys like Sony and Samsung want to make a massive profit. Because the screens are hard to find in stores you’ll have to look for the Asus model PB287Q online (here’s a review, ships next month), plug in your computer, and get some high-def goodness.

via Tom’s Hardware

4. iOS 8, Is That You? [VIDEO]

With Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference coming Monday and iOS 8 definitely on the way, we found a concept that might give you a sneak peek at Apple’s new iPhone operating system.

Check out Jay Machalani’s concept video that shows live tiles in iOS8. It’s a bit like Windows 8.1, and it’s downright lovely. If the iPhone’s new OS isn’t a lot like this, maybe it should be.

via Jay Machalani

3. Selfie-Enhancing Breakthrough

Researchers at MIT, Adobe and the University of Virginia have discovered a way to make your selfies look better.

Like filters, this new technology can change the color, hue, and brightness of a photo to make it look cooler. But instead of changing the whole photo, it focuses only on one part — your face.

It can turn a bright, greasy mug into a beautiful portrait in a few seconds, something no other app can do.

via EurekaAlert

2. Google Unveils Self-Driving Car With No Steering Wheel

Google’s self-driving car has no steering wheel, gas pedal or brakes, but the tiny two-seater has a heart. Looking like a cute little ladybug, 100 of the electric cars will roll out this summer.

They’ll only go 25 MPH while engineers perfect their driving skills, but before long they might replace everything on the highway.

Looks like the only stumbling block now might be humans who think they can drive better than Google’s computers, cameras and sensors.

via Wired

1. MOD-t 3D Printer Costs Less Than $200

MOD-t 3D Printer
A company called New Matter just released a 3D printer called the MOD-t. It can print plastic objects in a few minutes and uses special plastic filament that it squeezes into cool shapes.

The best part? For a few days, the MOD-t will be available for $149 — about the price of a regular paper printer. When the early bird special is over they will jack the price up to $299, but for a few glorious hours the promise of the sub-$200 3D printer is with us.

via TechCrunch