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May 4, 2014: The Week’s Best Tech

Join us for the best tech of the week in two quick minutes! This weekend we feature a new space suit from NASA, Amazon’s new smartphone, Star Wars headphones, HD smartphone sound quality and more.

If you’d like to hear John Biggs and Charlie White talking about this week’s countdown, listen to this Top 5 Coolness Countdown podcast:

Take a look at high-rez pics of the stories they’re describing in the five posts below:

5. NASA’s TRON Spacesuits

NASA has unveiled the new Z-1 spacesuit that will be worn by astronauts who are hitting the rocky slopes of Mars or sifting through moon dust. The bulbous suit looks like something out of a cartoon and the astronauts are protected by a huge domed helmet.

The coolest thing? Special light-emitting sections on the front make it look like you’ve stepped straight out of TRON.

via Gizmodo

4. AT&T Voice HD


If you’re one of the few using a smartphone to actually make phone calls, better sound quality is on the way. AT&T is rolling out high-definition calls over LTE this month, beating Verizon to the punch.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile’s HD voice service has been running for a while now, but so far you can only enjoy its sweet sound quality with other T-Mobile subscribers on certain phones.

via The New York Times

2. Sneak Peek: Amazon’s New Smartphone


Don’t you think Amazon’s new smartphone looks like the upcoming iPhone 6? It has similar specs, but that’s where the similarity ends. Its 3D interface uses four front-facing cameras to track the position of your head, giving you gesture-based control of its unique interface. Look for it in the third quarter of this year.

via BGR

1. Happy May Forth!

It’s Star Wars day and 50 Cent, the rapper, is celebrating by releasing special Star Wars-themed headphones. The brand, called SMS by 50, is clad in Star Wars regalia and should be loud enough to help you withstand the emperor’s call to the Dark Side. May the fourth be with you!

via Engadget