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5. Vessyl, World’s Smartest Cup, Counts Calories You’re Drinking

Vessyl is a cup that can tell if your belly will runneth over. The cup can sense the caloric content of whatever it contains, and can even tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi.

The pre-order price is $99 online and it’s going through a crowdfunding round. The creators say it’s a great way to tell just how many calories you’re drinking.

via Mark One and CNET

4. Apple Maps Will Soon Tell You Where Your Car’s Parked


I abandoned Apple Maps a long time ago, instead using the far superior Google Maps for all my GPS navigation. But now I’m thinking about trying Apple Maps again because of its new feature coming in iOS 8 that will help me remember where I parked my car.

Wait a minute, Google has an app for that: The Google Now app for Android already has automatic parking detection.

via 9to5 Mac

3. Uncool Lame Excuse: NSA Recycle Bin Runneth Over


The NSA is at it again, and now it’s as opaque as ever. The spy agency has admitted that it has so much information in its coffers that it can’t destroy it all. All the petabytes of data are clogging up the system and they can’t delete it in a timely manner. I’d hate to see their recycle bin.

via The Washington Post

2. Honeywell Lyric Thermostat Challenges Nest

You’ve heard of the Nest thermostat that learns what temperatures you like at certain times of the day? Now it has some serious competition. The Honeywell Lyric Thermostat communicates with an app on your smartphone.

Tracking your location, it’s smart enough to figure out exactly when you’re going to get home — and it can adjust the temperature to your liking just in time for your arrival. The $280 Honeywell thermostat — $30 more expensive than the Nest — will be available in August.

via Honeywell

1. NASA’s Warp Drive Starship Pictured for the First Time

NASA’s been working on a starship that will travel faster than light since 2010, and now Harold White, head of NASA’s Advanced Propulsion Team has unveiled images of what that spacecraft might look like. White is convinced it’s possible to travel faster than the speed of light, and he says his team’s making excellent progress.

These spectacular renderings are by Mark Rademaker.

via CNN