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5. Porsche 718 in the works?

The smallest member of the Porsche family is rumored to be on the way. The tiny mid-engined roadster might be dubbed the Porsche 718.

Based on the Boxster chassis but shorter and lighter, it’ll have a 360-horsepower flat-four engine. If the rumors are true, the 718 hits the streets in 2016.

Will this be a Miata killer?

via Automobile

4. RUMOR: iPhone 6 Might Have a Haptic Display

iPhone 6

Apple has reportedly ordered an unprecedented 68 million units of the iPhone 6 for its upcoming launch day, and another rumor says its display will have haptic feedback.

What the heck is a haptic display? You’ll feel subtle vibrations when you touch different parts of the iPhone 6’s alleged sapphire screen. The new phones from Apple will probably be shipping in late September.

via MacRumors

3. 50-Caliber Self-Guided Bullet Can’t Miss

Self-guided bullets are now a reality. The EXACTO is a 50-caliber bullet that can lock onto a target and maneuver itself in midair like a smart bomb.

Its magic is a secret, but it’s apparently a reality. DARPA (the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) released a video of the new bullet weaving its way and making a 90-degree turn to perfectly nail its target. Scary stuff.

Here’s an illustration of the EXACTO (Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance) bullet:
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