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5. What Next? A House Made From LEGO?

house made from lego

Well, not exactly made from LEGO, but a new technology called Smart Bricks allows builders to stack blocks together like giant LEGOs, running pipes and cables through hollows in the bricks.

The technology will save us time and money when building large structures and even apartments and homes.

Cool video:
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4. Ironman One GPS+ Smartwatch Needs No Smartphone

Ironman One GPS+

Timex and Qualcomm rolled out the Ironman One GPS+, a 3G-connected smartwatch.

The self-contained watch doesn’t need a smartphone to let you track your position and pace, send emails, play music and show family and friends where you are. You can pre-order it now for $400.

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3. Worldview-3 Satellite Takes Custom Super High-Rez Pics From Space


Lockheed Martin is planning to launch a new satellite called the WorldView-3 satellite on August 13th.

What can it do? Say, for example, you wanted to take a shot of your house from above. You can place an order and, within a few hours, a super-clear (and super-scary) overhead shot will land in your mailbox.

The crazy thing? It can take shots as close as ten inches from the ground.

via Satellite Imaging Corporation

2. Navdy Adds Heads-Up Display to Any Car

If you’ve ever used a heads-up display in a car, you know how useful it can be for keeping your eyes on the road while staying informed about GPS and speed.

In early 2015, a dashboard-mounted heads-up display called Navdy will use its own apps to display all the info you need from your Android or iOS smartphone, all on a screen that seems to hover over your car’s hood. Pre-order Navdy now for $319.

via Navdy

1. Tiny Dog Walks Again Thanks to 3D Printing

You have to see it to believe it: A little chihuahua named TurboRoo can walk thanks to 3D printing.

TurboRoo was born without legs and his owner put out a call for help on the internet to help get little Roo a scooter. An engineer designed, built, and sent a 3D-printed scooter to Roo faster than a wag of the little dog’s tail and now he scoots around with a bright, shiny new robotic legs.

via TechCrunch