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1. Facebook Caught Experimenting On Its Users


Social media giant Facebook just used us for scientific experiments. By subtly changing thousands of users social feeds for a few days, researchers discovered that users who saw “negative” comments often posted negative comments themselves and vice versa. While it seems harmless, it’s pretty scary that Facebook thought it would a be a good idea to alter our moods.

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March 29, 2014

This week on Top 5 Coolness Countdown, we separate the coolness from the lukewarm with a massive undersea robot, a magical light switch, Facebook grabbing a piece of the future and lots more.

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5. Massive Undersea Robot

The South Korean government is sponsoring the creation of Crabster, a 1-ton robot that can scuttle along the sea bottom and search for wreckage and unusual life. The massive robot has six legs and can use its front pinchers to pick up and examine objects. Why is it so heavy? It has to withstand massive underwater pressures, so it can boldly go where no one has gone before.

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4. Office on the iPad

Microsoft released Office for the iPad, letting you create and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents on an Apple tablet. Its public reception was exuberant, immediately skyrocketing to the top of Apple’s App Store charts. It’ll cost you $99 for the required Office 365 annual subscription, but the Android and iPhone versions of Microsoft Office are now completely free.

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3. Facebook Snags Oculus for $2B

Facebook bought VR headset maker Oculus for a cool $2 billion AND announced plans to create drones that will bring Internet connectivity to out-of-the-way places. Is this overreach or pure ambition? Who knows, but in the race to the future it looks like Facebook may be leading the way.

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2. Let There Be Wireless Light Switches
What if you could stick a wireless light switch anywhere, and it required no batteries? That’s the Philips web-connected tap switch. It runs on kinetic energy, and controls Philips web-connected LED bulbs anywhere in your house. Look for the $60 switches and their $40 bulbs early this fall.

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1. HTC One M8 Is Sure Purdy

The new HTC One M8 is the latest Android phone on the block and boy is it a powerhouse. The phone has a beautiful metal case and uses special Sense software to allow your to read all your social feeds in one place and, using a secondary camera, control the focus in pictures after you press the shutter. The phone is available now from most carriers.

via AnandTech, and special thanks to AnandTech for letting us use these lovely pics of the HTC One M8.