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1. NASA’s Warp Drive Starship Pictured for the First Time

NASA’s been working on a starship that will travel faster than light since 2010, and now Harold White, head of NASA’s Advanced Propulsion Team has unveiled images of what that spacecraft might look like. White is convinced it’s possible to travel faster than the speed of light, and he says his team’s making excellent progress.

These spectacular renderings are by Mark Rademaker.

via CNN

5. NASA’s TRON Spacesuits

NASA has unveiled the new Z-1 spacesuit that will be worn by astronauts who are hitting the rocky slopes of Mars or sifting through moon dust. The bulbous suit looks like something out of a cartoon and the astronauts are protected by a huge domed helmet.

The coolest thing? Special light-emitting sections on the front make it look like you’ve stepped straight out of TRON.

via Gizmodo